April 14, 2020

APRIL 14, 2020. I write this announcement from my home office in the midst of a lockdown. Ritterhaus Productions’ home state of New Jersey borders the global epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic: New York City. To say that quarantine has disrupted daily life is an understatement. This virus has tragically ravaged not only the health of many citizens, but also the economy. Small businesses are hurting everywhere. 

Ritterhaus Productions is no longer able to schedule on-location video shoots until further notice. We cannot effectively social distance while performing in-person video production services. The health and safety of our clients and our team always comes first. 

However, this does not mean we have shut down completely. Instead, we intend to do our best to help others who may be struggling. We are now offering completely FREE production consultations and video editing services to Nonprofits, NGOs and charities. We have already helped CUMAC: Feeding People and Changing Lives, a high-capacity food pantry in Paterson, New Jersey on a video for their spring fundraising. If you would like to collaborate on a video like this, please feel free to reach out via our Contact page. We will give you detailed advice on how to shoot your video with whatever equipment you may have (including a cell phone!) and then edit the raw footage using pro editing software. No previous experience necessary!  

We are also reshaping our business model. Given the economic hardship so many businesses are facing, we will offer the same service production consultations and video editing to small businesses at pay-what-you-want pricing. Digital video advertising is more important now than ever. We want to help small businesses like our own weather the storm at whatever rate they can afford. We have also partnered with marketing agency Mores Media in order to deliver a comprehensive marketing package at pay-what-you-want pricing. 

Wash your hands and stay safe!


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