October 13, 2019

OCTOBER 13, 2019. On Saturday, October 12th, Lillith was shown as part of the lineup for the 2019 New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival. When its showtime arrived, the screening room was packed. We were able to peel festival-goers away from Charlie Sheen and Christina Ricci long enough to watch our ninety-three minute feature film, which I consider to be a great accomplishment. The audience response was amazing: jokes got lots of laughs and deaths elicited gasps and groans. It was a wonderful experience being in the room. 

After the screening, lots of people approached our booth at the convention to discuss the film. It was great to hear feedback from horror fans, especially since it was all very positive. We signed some autographs and took photos with fans. Later that evening, we decided to attend the awards ceremony, even though we were almost sure Best Feature would go to Epic Pictures’ Artik a film with a much bigger budget and starring genre darlings Chase Williamson and Lauren Ashley Carter. You can imagine our pleasant shock when the Soska Sisters, the director duo responsible for American Mary and the remake of Cronenberg’s Rabid, announced our film as the winner of Best Feature. Our writer-director Lee Esposito went up to the front of the room to give a speech amongst applause and cheers from the crowd. Our fellow competitors were very gracious and congratulated us on the win. If you’d like to witness this yourself, we have a vlog on our YouTube channel documenting the whole experience.

This was Ritterhaus Productions’ first award ceremony and we know it won’t be the last! With an award-winning film under our belt, we move forward into the future, confident in our ability to make a creative idea come to life. 


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