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Ritterhaus Productions’ horror-comedy film Lillith premieres at Atlantic Cinemas on Friday the 13th.

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In today’s web-based real estate market, buyers often rely on video tours to decide their next purchase. Especially in these challenging times, when people are more reluctant than ever to leave their homes, video is not just a useful tool — it’s a necessity. While some real estate agents choose to shoot a video with their phone, leading professionals understand the enormous value of a beautiful cinematic image. We want to lend our filmmaking skills to you!

*Dependent on weather conditions for drone operation
Video Property Tour - $300
  • One recording session
  • Interior and exterior footage of property
  • Video shot in 4K for Ultra High-Def image
  • Choice of music from our song library
  • Animated title slate with property address
  • Video editing & color grading
  • 2-minute film (branded OR unbranded MLS-compliant version)
  • Optional animated end slate with agent contact info
  • Exported as MP4 or MOV, optimized for web
Cinematic Property Tour - $450
  • Two recording sessions*
  • Interior, exterior & aerial drone footage of property
  • Video shot in 4K for Ultra High-Def image
  • Choice of music from our song library
  • Animated title slate with property address
  • Video editing & color grading
  • Two 3-minute films (branded AND unbranded MLS-compliant version)
  • Animated end slate with agent contact info
  • Optional on-screen appearance of the agent with end slate
  • Exported as MP4 or MOV, optimized for web
  • Additional social media videos, formatted for each platform (15 – 59 seconds)
Neighborhood Tour - $350
  • One video recording session
  • Footage of the local neighborhood, town, or city
  • Video shot in 4K for Ultra High-Def image
  • Collaborative script writing
  • Voice-over narration from a professional actor
  • Animated title graphics
  • Video editing & color grading
  • Optional agent or agency branding
  • Exported as MP4 or MOV, optimized for web
*Dependent on weather conditions for drone operation


At Ritterhaus Productions, we use our independent filmmaking experience to provide clients with cinema-quality video at an affordable price. We work closely with our clients to express the unique voice and aesthetic of their brand.


Ritterhaus Productions was founded to produce the award-winning horror film Lillith. The SAG-AFTRA certified feature was shot in thirty-five days in New York and New Jersey. The Ritterhaus Productions team was involved at all stages of production, and the film was written and directed by our very own Lee Esposito.


We are Ritterhaus Productions. We are filmmakers and storytellers first and foremost.

Our team all started as creators of interactive web media. Each of our projects has its own cult following, and those projects have accumulated over 10,000,000 views in total. That’s how we met each other nearly a decade ago — as fans of one another’s work. We’ve been collaborating together ever since on both narrative and commercial video projects. After wrapping our feature film, we have turned our focus back to our roots as web creators. We are commercial filmmakers born of the web, and we’re ready to lend our unique lens to your creative effort and take your project to the next level!

Ritterhaus Productions is a New Jersey-based production company that provides full-service video creation. We work on every video from start to finish, from creative conception to completion — from your mind to screens across the globe! Our entertaining, polished videos give your brand a cinematic look without the Hollywood price tag. We will tell your story in a fun and engaging way to grab the attention of your customers, clients, supporters and fans. With professional video production as affordable as it’s ever been in human history, it’s about time we grab your slice of the pie in today’s competitive media landscape! There are countless ways to put your video content to work — targeted web advertising, branded social media content, and video for your website to name a few. In addition to commercial work, we also love collaborating with fellow creatives. We provide high quality multi-camera Live Music Video recording and Music Video production at low rates.

We’re very excited to work with you and bring your vision to life!


Want to promote your brand with video? At Ritterhaus Productions, we know how to work on a tight budget. With a background in independent filmmaking, we always look to get the most bang for your buck. No matter your budget, we will provide professional, cinematic video to cultivate your image and bring in clients through social media content, video ads and promotional videos! Check out the easy five-step process below!



First we get to know your brand, your band or your business and get an idea of what it is you’re looking for. We’ll discuss your budget and what we can do to make your idea come to life.



We will develop a plan of attack for your new project. This includes location scouting, logistics, and your own creative input. We can also cast talent and secure locations for your shoot.



Here comes the fun part! Once we schedule the shoot, our crew will create beautiful video content for you using state-of-the-art cameras and equipment, shooting in Full HD or Cinema 4K. And don’t sweat it! We’re also fully insured – professionalism is our highest priority.




Our team will use professional editing and color grading software to turn raw footage into your finished video. We’ll work with you closely during this process to make sure everything is to your specifications.



Once your project is complete, we will submit it to you digitally, so you’ll be able to download it moments after it’s finished! We’ll also give you a free distribution consultation to make sure we get as many eyes on your project as possible! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on your project today! ​

NOTE: Every project is unique and specifics of projects may vary, based on the client’s needs.


Call or text us at (929) 336-0912.